By José Viloria


rom the new regulation approved by the TLC on Wednesday, December 13, all the FHV bases have to dispatch 25% of their trips in vehicles accessible to wheelchairs starting with 5% during the first year of implementation and reaching up to 25% over the course of five years.

According to the new rules the livery and Black Cars bases can dispatch this type of vehicles no matter what line the dispatched vehicle is located, for example, a livery base can dispatch a Black Car vehicle whenever this is an accessible vehicle or vice versa , the same applies to green cars that can be dispatched by any of the base categories provided they are the areas authorized to operate this type of vehicle.

This system of 5% dispatch will start on July 1, 2018 and will go to 10% of dispatch from July 1, 2019 and will continue to rise 5% each year until the first July 2022 when the 25 will be completed. % of all shipments in this type of vehicle.

That same day, the pilot plan was approved that allows taxi bases to be associated with a vehicle dispatch system specialized in accessibility to wheelchairs.

The fear of the coalition of organizations that participated in the negotiations with the TLC, is that the commission will dismantle at any time said pilot plan and leave without more options than the much vaunted 25% that in the long run could be the cause of the closure of many small businesses that can not comply with a rule that is unfair.

Therefore, we must maintain the surveillance of the TLC to ensure that the Pilot Plan is maintained and does not disappear by decision of that agency. u

—José Viloria is an advisor to the Federation of Taxi Drivers
and CEO of the
bilingual newspaper
‘NY Taxi Voice’