José Viloria


here are people who think that doing the job of taxi driver is an easy job and that anyone can do it and it is not, that simple.

Every day we see drivers accused of violations that generate the rejection of anyone who has five senses and it is intolerable that protecting behind the innocence of a minor or the toxic conditions of a client, the driver takes advantage and commits abominable actions.

I do not think that as a transportation industry we must tolerate or silence actions that affect our image as professionals of the steering wheel because we are working people, an example of that is that each year the Taxi and Limousine Commission recognizes a group of us for their merits in the work we perform.

We should not be silent when we see any of us committing acts that can affect our image, obviously we are not saying that we use force against a partner who is acting in an unprofessional way, but if we can draw attention to him when they commit an action that affect our image, and if rape is a crime, as citizens we have every right to report to the authorities to prevent our image from being affected.

For every taxi driver who does not respect the rules of the game there are thousands who are affected, because they are respectful and do not understand why they are treated as criminals, because they have to pay the consequences of the acts of those who break the law.

That’s why I suggest that we be jealous of our profession, that we do not let a few be the ones who decide how we should be treated by the authorities.

When we have property in a neighborhood, we do not leave all the work to the authorities, we gather as a community and decide how to protect our investment and how to take care of our family, the same must be done in our industry, we have to protect it, to be more critical toward those few who create so much damage to us and in many cases, they paint themselves as victims and make it more difficult to identify when one is committed an abuse against one of ours.

We congratulate all the colleagues who were recognized this year by the TLC and use their example to motivate others to stay on the path of good.

Congratulations! u

—José Viloria is an advisor to the Federation of Taxi
Drivers and CEO of the
bilingual newspaper
‘NY Taxi Voice’