José and Odalis Cuevas, a Story of Consistency, Sacrifices and Faith

Por José Viloria y José R. Jaén

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For those who have had the opportunity and honor to share and exchange ideas, with 4Life Platinum José Luis Cuevas and his wife Odalis, Gold International Diamonds Club 500 thousand, we know firsthand that their "Consistency, Sacrifices and Faith" are worthy to imitate. 

That's why and for much more they are the entrepreneurs of this month. And this is what they had to say:

I feel very excited to have reached another step in this business opportunity, which has been a blessing for my life and my family. I started in 2005 with many financial limitations, but with a big dream of being financially free.  I want to tell all the readers of this printed media, that you can make a difference in your life, you just have to make a decision and start, you have the potential to go do what you want.

Would you like to have a different lifestyle, retire young, with financial freedom and time, also in good health and not have to wait 45 years to achieve a retirement fund.

This business is helping people, anyone with determination and courage, can achieve your dreams, take the first step and decide to be an entrepreneur to achieve your goals. From our childhood they teach us to look for a job and we spend our lives working for someone else, is not bad to work, work dignifies us.

The problem is spending 45 to 50 years, and not achieving what you want, for that you have to be an entrepreneur, while you work you can start doing this type of business in your spare time.

The constant changes in Network Marketing, are promoting the incredible growth of their participants, and becomes forger and promoter of business people, with a vision to be entrepreneurs and leaders.

By achieving a greater degree of freedom in time and money, you advanced from a state of dependency to one of independence, of unsuspected benefits.

The companies that promote their products using Network Marketing models, must continue creating and designing new compensation plans to encourage the growth of organizations and therefore the opportunity, for these new entrepreneurs, participating in the profits of bonuses relative to their direct achievements.

Financial experts say that to have financial health you must diversify, now is the time to make a decision that can change your lifestyle, for additional information you can write to my email: