Another Story of Success in 4Life Dr. Angel y Lilly Sánchez

By José Viloria – José R. Jaén
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A childhood of deprivation and poverty in a province of Mejico, left its mark.
But follow the path that my life was influenced by the example of tenacity and struggle of my father, who could barely read and write, he showed us that we could not be defeated when things were not going well. “First dead than fail,” he said.
Working since I was a child in anything that would give us some money to support my family expenses, my nine siblings and I managed to study a technical career and then later developing that preparation a career.
I wanted to be a doctor because I worked in hospitals as a clinical laboratory technician and admired doctors because I felt like they were gods in their white coats and their words of wisdom. His image dazzled me and I decided that, although it was extremely difficult to achieve it, I would be like them.
So, working nights in the emergency laboratories IMSS National Medical Center in Mejico City, I managed to finish my career; eight years after starting I already had my medical degree.
I continued working in the same hospital, which at that time was the most prominent in medicine in Mejico, because I had become a specialist in Immunohematology, especially in Fetal Maternal Isoimmunization.
 In addition, I had my office for private practice, in other times I was not in the hospital.
And although at that time I had good income at my hospital work, I was not happy. I felt that I should become independent, I did not identify myself working another 20 years to retire with 30 years’ seniority.  So I decided to resign; against all opinions of friends, family and coworkers.
I began to devote only do private practice, but the hours that I use to devote to the hospital before, I used them to continue preparing in different areas of medicine.
Someday I got an invitation to participate in a course on alternative medicines and liked it so much that I studied and worked many of these techniques for over 25 years. 
At that time, I was already living in Cancun and had very good results. In fact, without wanting to be too arrogant I was one of the physicians with more professional and economic success.
It was 14 years ago when I came to live in this country. I am married to Lilly: Beautiful and wonderful Texan woman. I decided not to get certified to practice medicine legally in this country because I kept getting good income in Mejico through consulting and taught courses and conferences. But it got to a point of a family crisis. We were just married and both worked hard and long period of time we were separated. We were slaves of our success.
It was there that a savior angel appeared. Pastor Angel Molina spoke to my wife about the 4Life-INT project and the real possibility of obtaining sufficient income and time to fully enjoy life.
Juan Rosado came to McAllen TX to introduce the business project. We did not understand everything he told us, but today we glimpse that this was the opportunity we were asking. We study, we calculate, we suffer a lot to make the decision because it meant leaving absolutely everything that both were doing. But we decided to stake our life and 12 years ago we started with our whole soul to develop this project.
For me it was very difficult to change my mentality from a physician to entrepreneur. The first  years were extremely difficult because we had no knowledge or experience and because we still  did not accurately follow the SYSTEM. Fortunately, my wife and at that time was an expert in  this business and that made up for my inexperience.
Two years later, after many setbacks and difficulties of all kinds we decided to faithfully follow the system and in three and a half years reached the rank of Gold International Diamond. From that moment on the economy was not anymore a problem. We and our families live as we believe all should live. Thank God for having made the decision to change the profession from Doctor to Entrepreneur.
Now 12 and a half years after starting we continue to do, but it is not for money, now we feel it is our mission.
There are millions of human beings out there, especially Latinos who are looking for an opportunity.
We will continue to help as someday Angel Molina, Juan Rosado and Dr. Herminio Nevares helped us.
Thanks to them, our saviors, my wife Lilly, next Platinum and thanks to 4Life for giving our lives a wonderful course, like thousands of other people in many countries. u
—Collaboration by
Dr. Ángel y Lilly Sánchez Gold International Diamonds–Club One Million and Members of The Presidential Club