Gold International Diamonds Leo & Jordanna Espinosa In search of the American Dream

By José Viloria – José R. Jaén

Collaboration of Leo Espinosa

On my last trip to New York, in a taxi on my way to Manhattan our driver told us in a funny way, what was is experience in the United States since leaving Ecuador. We talked a little about other people who have come to this country and have completely changed their lives. It was there that he mentioned something that caught my attention. He said: "The success requires luck."

That caught my interest. Not only my new friend if not many people think the same way, success is a matter of luck. Perhaps you who are reading this article think the same. However, we must ask, success is really a matter of luck? Does this mean that only one group has been completely random fated to enjoy a life of abundance? Or is there something more able to turn anyone into 

a success story?

In thinking about this I dare say there are at least three things that are important catalysts to make a dramatic change in our lives: a clear vision, constant action and perseverance to make it happen.å

The vision is that idea of ​​what we want in our lives, that big dream that takes away the dream! For some this is a car, a house, trips abroad, a life without debts. For others it represents more time with his family, help a loved one in difficult times, or perhaps return again to their country of origin, but with economic solvency.

When Jordanna and I started to develop our network business six years ago, my greatest desire was to have time. He had also fallen into the trap of generating a good income, but no time for family. A daily routine filled with work responsibilities and stress had taken control of my life.

What appeared to be a success, it really was not. That was why my dream I decided to do this. Together with my wife we ​​analyze the options and decided that the option of 4Life and INT were best in less time and lead us to achieve our vision.

Now, having one is just the beginning vision. Vision without action, it's hallucination! In this dream there to hold his daily and constant much to do action. This point is what makes the difference. Why? Simple, although we do not like our present and our future, asks nothing of us today, and therefore it is the easiest. Do nothing and complain about everything. It is there that it is easier to say, it is a matter of luck, or that if I speak English, or if I my wife support me.

My friend, it's much easier to find excuses to make the decision to be responsible for our results. Now think about this, achieve your vision or stay where you are both have a price to pay, the difference is the result. When we decided to start this business we had to make big changes in our lives. We had to make heavy sacrifices, learn new habits.

They said we were crazy, we were fighting for a fantasy, that I have made a mistake resigning 

my post as International Director. But we knew where we were going, and he got more action! We made mistakes, we got up and we continue to learn and progress. Gradually the fruits began to arrive. Our life began to change and our dream to materialize.

Now you may say, and presto! They achieved it! But the truth is that NO. This is just the beginning. All that time the preparation is where your willpower is strengthened. When you think you did is just when the test comes. This test will be as great as your dream. It is where 

will demonstrate how determined you are to do so. You need not only your wisdom but a whole team, mentors who serve as guides to reach your destination. Only he who perseveres with faith in every footstep reaches its goal.

Thus they have been in recent years. Great challenges and tests, each designed to make us stronger and more capable. In this process was finally where I understood what one of my mentors said, Jim Rohn: ". Do not ask not to be challenged, better prepared better to be stronger and overcome any challenge" The challenges will simply continue because you have not reached 

your potential. When a challenge wants to snatch your dream come ask yourself, is this the size of my potential? I this my end? And indeed as an inner strength will rise and say, no, your potential is much stronger than this challenge, go ahead!

So, in short, a matter of luck? I do not think so; I think that everyone develops their own fate proportionally with the momentum we fight to achieve our dream. We all live in this great country; we have come from various nations seeking the American dream. Really is the land 

of opportunity for those who have a vision, take action and endure to make it happen no matter how long or what to do or not, to achieve it. All is in your inner side. Go Reach out.