“Never settle for less” Advice Keyla Eustaquio 4Life International Diamond

By Miguel Cruz Tejada


From three jobs, Dominican Keyla Eustaquio, move up in 4Life International to International Diamond, and relates that the promotion, has totally changed her life in every aspect, from the personal, financial and professional. Therefore, She advise people to never settle for less.

Eustaquio, a graduate in Business Administration in the Dominican Republic, her home country, where She now lives and works as an International Diamond in 4Life, reports that had three jobs, giving lectures at a private university, managing finances in schools and Sunday a contract in a technical institute.

The main motivation to enter 4Life, "was that She was looking to earn good money and the time
to take care of my mother in the house, but could not provide everything to my mom and take the time to look after her."

Her mother was evicted from cancer and also her maternal grandparents, her father and some of her uncles died of cancer, although her grandmothers died of heart disease.

"I asked God to give me an opportunity, where I could give her during her last days quality of life, because in my family there was no one with money and enough energy to take care of her" said Keyla.

Two of her brothers had jobs that barely allowed them to pay for college.

"I came to 4Life in a special way, through a colleague who then left the business and was a former colleague of my mom, but when you are seeking the Lord it opens doors," recounts Eustaquio.

What I have not gotten? my minus zero before getting this opportunity, I was a woman with debts for years, because of her Mom’s chemotherapy, had no vehicle, had no time to eat and often it was  5:00pm without eating, " She says.

"Minus zero means that I could never go to a restaurant and pay the bill, I had never traveled on a plane, I had no car, but thanks to 4Life, I bought my apartment and I could give my mother seven more years of quality of life.  I was her nurse, it was my wish, I could give her trips abroad, that is, that all she craved in life, such as flowers, all the food they wanted and see the symphony of children, I gave it to her" Keyla added.

"All this opportunity, God gave to me, but I did not go to 4Life for money, but to have a lifestyle in which time does not limit me, and the economic situation is not an obstacle," She declared.

"Everything and more, God has given me through the 4Life opportunity," says the entrepreneur.

From his position as International Diamond, I have the opportunity to promote and build the network, with a leadership team with dreams like one seeking a lifestyle with different goals.

"You have to have two diamonds, ten thousand points eight of them front and allowed to get paid according to the amount of leaders you have in each group," She said.

Her work spans in four countries and the Dominican Republic, reported that the 4Life market,
"is great, in the United States, so I always tell people to never settle for less."

She said that in her country, the business is growing rapidly, "because people are looking for money, time and health."

Ms. Eustaquio said that "everything that people need, is in 4Life, because more than a business, it's a lifestyle. A company that pays well, on time and with unique products that are a must because they satisfy people's health, and provide actual results, you can do this great business  anywhere in the world, and get this great opportunity. "

She stressed that "if you are looking for little, is what you are going to get and you will achieve little, because who knows where is going, doesn’t returned in the way. Therefore, 4Life is the opportunity to faster achieve what you are looking for in life. "