Luis R. Santos threshing the way to success with 4Life

By Miguel Cruz Tejada

Although I had known for several years, 4Life offers and opportunities, the Puerto Rican Luis R. Santos, International Diamond finally decided to thresh the road to success in 2009.
I was for thirty years a heavy equipment operator and knew the company for 13 years, but for various reasons, was unable to enter the business.
He relates that his wife was the one that was presented the plan of success and opportunities with 4Life, when an uncle, who had submitted an application for bankruptcy through chapter 7, approached his companion. His wife, Lilian Rosado finally decided to enter 4Life and also she an International Diamond.  Santos, describes her as his right hand.
“The uncle of my wife, lived in the basement at his mom, he was a security guard and faced economic problems”, tells Santos.
He remembers that his wife refused to participate and he came to 4Life in Puerto Rico, motivated by his friend Danny Marrero. “When I was about to reach the International Diamond, my wife put me between three and two, to choose between 4Life and her, and obviously, I stayed with my wife.”
He resigned 4Life but after three times in the company and resign, he got back in 2010, reaching International Diamond four months later.
Santos refers to the change in their situation and lifestyle, “it has been a blessing,” because now you I more time to spend with his wife, children and travel.
He settled in Florida, where he earned about $ 70,000 a year, an excellent salary, but do did allow him time to share with his family.
In 2009, my baby asked me a question of when would I have time to stay and play with him, because the work absorbed me all the time, to the point, that I was arriving at 2:00 am to the house and they were sleeping. “
Santos says that almost never saw his children. “But after I cut my salary in half to lookfor more time, thanks to that decision and 4Life, we have arrived where we are now.
“It is a blessing, I have more time for them and it was a very good change.”
Speaking of his work at 4Life, he said from his position as an International Diamond, he creates enterprise networks worldwide, teaches people how to create financial networks through that opportunity, and carries the blessing of health worldwide.
It stresses that its operations include the United States, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and other countries.
For those who want to find their way to success at 4Life, Santos, urges them to listen and analyze information.
“Give yourselves the opportunity, because although sometimes decisions in life are very difficult, but I knew this was for me. Too many people, you talk them through and they hesitate, ignore or do not want to believe. In life decisions and changes they are very important, but if the decision is not taken, no one will ever let you know how our future will be, “added the International Diamond from 4Life.
Describes the company as a platform of products that guarantee the welfare and health and the more than 150 years of experience of the owners, dispels any doubt that this is a company with solid reputation and extensive opportunities for all.
“These factors lead me to believe that 4Life will be the number one of its kind in the world, over the next 10 years,” said Santos.
He stressed urging to hear the information and go with the opportunity to be seized, because it would be a huge opportunity to change of life, the door to success is in 4Life.