Ivan Rodriguez Platinum International Diamond highlights the importance of 4Life educational system

By Miguel Cruz Tejada

Ivan Rodriguez, the Puerto Rican, who lives in Texas, and 4Life Platinum International Diamond, highlighted the educational system in the entrepreneurs network, and the importance for present and future generations who venture into network marketing.
In an interview with NY TAXI VOICE, from Texas, Rodriguez said the education system began to work with different people, previously identified with the desire to join 4Life.
“We began meeting in homes and we grew so that people began to connect potential members in other countries, including the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia and the United States, so today, many People who started with me and have a huge amount of members in different countries, based on the guidance of success, “said Ivan.
“It is very important to refer to the Guide to Success and the books we have to build our future leaders,” said Rodriguez.
He arrived from Puerto Rico to the United States in 2003 having his home in his native island, he traveled internationally, living in Florida, USA and its own island.
Before joining 4Life, Ivan works as an electrical engineer, a profession in which he graduated as his wife.
“He use to do electrical installations, where I was two years, but I realized that work was like a private prison, because I had built it,” he says.
“What I had studied, had gone down in history as an obsolete way to develop myself. If I wanted to continue in electronics, I would have to continue studying everything new and did not like it, “says Rodriguez.
“It was at that time, when I asked God a chance and left the electronics, after having two businesses in 1990. I borrowed a brown (big hammer) from my father in law and closed all businesses, to start learning about network marketing, “he revealed.
Referring to the change experienced after his arrival to 4Life, he said that during the first 10 years, he was in several network marketing companies, where he learned and earned money.
“At the last company sold solar heaters and water tanks, I had 250 vendors under my responsibility, with a good income, but I realized I was not an employee of that company which was a network. I saw them being using me to grow working 7 days a week and were controlling my time, “Rodriguez said.
“One day I came home early and my son asked me to go to see a basketball game, to which I committed, but I received a call from the head of the company and we could not go to the game together. I promised him, I would return quickly and my son told me that I said I would return soon, but I would not, “he added.
“That shocked me and I said to myself what I my doing? Then I took the decision to
ask God to help me. A week later, el Dr. Erminio Nevares arrived at the company, where
I explained the business plan and he sat down to listen.  As you know, I asked what had most impressed him about my conference and he said it was very good but not duplicable “tells Rodríguez.
“That word, helped me to wake up and in this business, I’ve learned duplication, that is, we can all do the same, regardless of race or language. It is something that is real. I told Doctor Nevares, who has been my mentor, he put a condition and was to establish an educational system with meetings at home, because nothing I would have earned, after leaving the other jobs, “said Rodriguez.
“In this system, people who have the desire to change, to open their minds and there, starts the change and to think like entrepreneurs of the XXI century, using technology, smart phones, the era of globalization, social networks, the Internet and other resources, with access to the world. With the advantage that in this company, we have everything, “says Ivan.
“I would say we have no competition, because we are social difference, because the education system 4Life has become a developer of leading entrepreneurs. We are the example of the company and the team that has remained constantly growing and have helped the company expand in many places, including Europe, South America and other parts of the world, “concluded Ivan, which began in 4Life in 2000.