JORGE MERCADO from a factory worker to a 4Life International Diamond

By Miguel Cruz Tejada

Jorge Mercadoa a Puerto Rican national, achieved one of his most cherished dreams, from been an enslaved employee of a factory, to a star of the prestigious company 4Life.
He said that for 14 years he was as an employee in a company which manufactures cabinets for traffic lights, but after finding the path of prosperity and progress in 4Life, the difference is huge.
"It's tremendous, because we are dreamers and when we leave our Latin countries, no matter where we live, to a big countries in search of better opportunities, because of personal financial situation or the lack of opportunities offered by our governments, we don’t find the positions which we aspire, "said Mercado.
"When we aspire and seek something beyond the ordinary, companies like 4Life, are the great hope.  Here, I got to know what for many years I did not have freedom, because freedom is not having money, money is a result of ... freedom is that before I got up for 14 years at 5:00 in the morning to go to a company where I punch a card and left at 6:00 pm, six days a week, "recounts Mercado.
He said that sometimes, because of the load of work he had to work overtime until 7:00 pm and did not have time to spend with his children and family.
"That work was controlling my life without realizing it, we pass our lifetime in that cycle, but in  4Life, four months later I saw, I could retire from the factory where I had been for 14 years," he added.
Mercado, which began on March 23, 2006 4Life, said he has never had to return to work for any company, "for no one, nor any third party, because this company gives me the opportunity that dreams do come true, helping other families, and today, I have this project in nine countries. "
He never imagined that by taking the decision to go to 4Life, he would be in a serious, honest and with products patented in biotechnology, and the world needs, but a human team was missing and an educational system that teach us how to get out where I was as an employee of a factory, to become a professional network marketier.
"Therefore, it is completely different."
Mercado, who lives in Miami, is an International Diamond, the third in importance in 4Life, where he says, "you can breathe better with the financial situation."
He adds that it also allows you to travel to other countries to offer and help others find the same opportunity.
"I tell young men and women, the world has changed. Today, technology advances and if we do not follow technology, we will be behind, "he said.
He urged those who aspire to rise professionally and economically to be given an opportunity, looking at where they are today, and that 4Life is a serious, real and viable opportunity and if you work seriously and with discipline, character, effort and building a future that includes the children, a legacy will be left for the family.
"I think there are many good companies out there, but 4Life is above biotechnology based on our product line we have and the strength with presence in 107 countries and more than 600,000 are active," said Mercado.
"This is nothing new, it can be done from a housewife, doctors, lawyers, engineers, who studied and who did not, because no one does something different if we do not educate ourselves, and success belongs to everyone, we all are dreamers , visionaries and we just have to exploit the potential because we came into this world to help others and 4Life is the alternative, that dreams can come true, "concluded Mercado.