Constant stomach pain: what is it and what can it be?


nomalies related to the stomach can become conditions that are difficult to diagnose since, in most cases, there is no organic cause that explains their triggering. There are cases in which these abdominal discomfort lasts longer than six weeks , a period which in itself indicates a chronic tendency and justifies that medical professionals intervene through the performance of the relevant tests they discard - or, in his case, confirm a possible organicity. That is why if a dyspepsia is reproduced continuously we must go to our nearest medical center to consult with a specialist.

Causes that lead to the appearance of constant stomach pains

The stomach , when belonging to a system as complex and delicate as the digestive system, can provide anomalies of very different origin, so that the medical diagnosis will focus mainly on whether the factors that generate the pain are organic or, conversely , functional . As a matter of fact, both a thorough questioning and a thorough physical examination will be the most important criteria in the assessment of any patient suffering from a chronic digestive dysfunction. Also important is the realization of a psychosocial history in which the most relevant data regarding the lifestyle of the patient are recorded.

Hiatus hernias are an ailment that can lead to the onset of these constant stomach pains, especially when we are about to bend down to pick up or lift an object. Also heartburn is a factor that directly refers to the development of an ulcer disease that can generate the frequent development of discomfort in the abdominal area.

As we have commented, emotional factors such as stress can also trigger the generation of pathologies such as irritable bowel syndrome, a source of constant stomach pains. 

An inadequate lifestyle materialized through the ingestion of a multitude of greasy foods is susceptible to seek the appearance of discomfort in the form of frequent indigestiones that prevent us from properly performing our routine tasks. u

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