The MLB season begins with a Lot of Young Stars Leading the Way

By Sergio Rodriguez / Sports Editor and Former ESPN Analyst

In the last 3 years Major League Baseball has had a huge changing of the guard in terms of star power.  Gone are Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter and David Ortiz and in are some young energetic players who will keep baseball strong and alive for at least the next 10-15 years.  The one issue these players will not solve on their own is the marketability issues that affect baseball when it comes to their athletes, not to mention that today’s youth gets bored with the unwritten rules which require you to run around the bases after a home run looking at the ground or the pace of the game which at times makes a sloth look like Speedy Gonzalez.  With that said here are some of the young superstar players who will lead MLB in 2017 and my predictions for the season.


Mike Trout-Anaheim

Mookie Betts-Red Sox

Bryce Harper-Nationals

Noah Syndergaard-Mets

Carlos Correa-Astros

Gary Sanchez-Yankees

Kris Bryant-Cubs

Manny Machado-Orioles

Francisco Lindor-Indians

Christian Yelich-Marlins

Nolan Oronado-Rockies


American League Champion – Houston Astros

National League Champion – Washington Nationals 

AL MVP – Francisco Lindor

NL MVP – Bryce Harper

AL CY YOUNG – Chris Sale

NL CY YOUNG – Max Scherzer