El Diario recognized distinguished Latino men of the City of New York

On Thursday October 22, 2015, El Diario recognized eighteen Latino men for their lifetime achievement in the community.  The prestigious event took place at the private club Havana Room, in the city of New York. 
Including one of our team members Jose R. Jaen, the Senior Vice-president and Public Relations of NY TAXI VOICE newspaper and the radio program Producer and Co-host of La Voz Del Volante, which airs every Saturday on Univision Radio (wado1280am), who at the same time is the Community Liaison for the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, and City Hall and the Taxi and Limousine Commission. Mr. José Viloria a successful business man from our community, and Mr. Jaen’s mentor and personal friend was present at the event.
Also we want to reproduce the note of the Executive Director of the prestigious printed media, El Diario, Ms. Carmen Villavicencio.

Outstanding Men, Exemplary Lives
El Diario is proud again to be able to recognize the career of Latinos who consistently are paving the way for others in the Capital of the World.
This year they are eighteen Latinos that will take to their homes, offices or businesses the Premio El (“He Award”) created by this newspaper.
For several years we have recognized the effort, perseverance, creativity, talent, honesty, courage and contribution to the community by prominent men who have managed to gain a place and respect in the various fields in which they operate.
The 18 distinguished Latinos who will be recognized this year have much in common despite forge their goals from different trenches. These are people who started from the bottom, with clear objectives and eagerness to serve. They want to make a mark for future generations.
They are human beings who know the challenges of the Latino community in New York and the United States.  They insist in remembering where they came from and willing to lend a hand to those who come after them.
These prominent Latinos have demonstrated the potential and influence of the Latino community in business, politics and activism.
Let’s celebrate their achievements.