Enjoy the end of the year holidays without neglecting your health

It is not about depriving yourself. The key is to be moderate and selective with food and beverages.
With the novenas today officially begins the season of Christmas and New Year's meetings that include foods and drinks that are hard to resist, even if they come with weight gain, complications of some diseases (such as diabetes) and even poisoning.
As the idea is to enjoy the holidays without depriving themselves of all the good that they have, several specialists in nutrition and diet provide recommendations on how to do it, in a healthy way.
Moderate in the novenas
When you arrive at the meal site, put on your plate first the healthiest foods, such as lean meats, vegetables, fruits and cereals; Eat slowly to give yourself time to feel full and satisfied. You will notice that this lessens the temptation to eat desserts, fried foods and flours. Diana Rojas, nutritionist-dietitian of the Javeriana University and nutritional coach, points out that in these meetings the idea is not to go through the pain of rejecting what is offered, but to moderate the portions and make them remove the foods that are not so healthy .

Be prepared
If the novena is at night and you have been working during the day, try to eat something healthy and light before you arrive at the invitation site, such as a salad or a protein shake. This will keep you from getting hungry to the meeting and, therefore, it will be much easier for you to moderate portion sizes.

Restrict drinks
Some experts advise not only to drink with absolute moderation, but to choose drinks with low caloric value, such as wines (red and white), cider or champagne.
The nutritionist Diana Rojas insists that the most important thing is not to overdo the amounts, since alcohol is metabolized as fat and has a large number of calories. Similarly, the specialist advises avoiding sugary drinks, such as sodas or industrialized juices.
"If they offer you cocktails," says Rojas, "the best option is to take only one. For women, it is not advisable to drink more than half a glass of wine or beer, to avoid an increase in caloric intake. "

Prevent the hangover
Although the main recommendation is to avoid alcohol altogether, following these guidelines can help you avoid the discomfort of the next day.
Drink slowly and with a full stomach: because the body removes alcohol at a fixed rate, about 30 cubic centimeters per hour, if you give enough time to burn it will accumulate less in your blood and the effects will be lower .
Consider your build: if you are a small person, the effects of alcohol consumption are greater on you than on someone with a greater weight.
Drink in moderation: Women should not consume more than one drink per day and men, no more than two. A drink is defined as the amount corresponding to five ounces of wine (118 ml) or one and a half ounces of 80-degree liquor (44 ml).
Take a glass of water between drinks that contain alcohol. This will not only help you consume less liquor, but it will decrease dehydration.

Avoid poisoning
The preparations that increase the risk of poisoning are those that contain proteins, such as meats, milk, cheese and eggs. In that order of ideas, if you have food left over from the meeting, store it in the fridge, avoid being exposed to the environment for more than six hours and do not subject it to constant temperature changes because this may alter its properties.
According to Rojas, all egg-based preparations are of high biological risk, so you should be very careful with them.
The idea, he says, is to offer fresh food and prepare the right portions.
The nutritionist advises against consuming the next day foods of this kind that have not been stored, preserved and frozen properly. He also explains that before storing food in the freezer it is necessary to make sure that it has cooled down first, insisting that the temperature shock can accelerate the decomposition process and generate alterations that increase the risk of poisoning.
In the same way, it recommends that the next day the food be taken out of the fridge with enough time to thaw it alone (it is not advisable to accelerate the process in the microwave).

Pay attention to your mood
It is not strange that some people, either because of their memories of the past, because they miss someone who is no longer there, because the relationship with their families is not the best or because of their economic conditions, they do not enjoy Christmas and their spirits decline.
Cited by the agency 'Efe', the psychologist Rosa María Luna Arroyo, from the Complutense University of Madrid, offers some recommendations to avoid sadness at this time:
1.     If you miss someone who is no longer there, remember him fondly by meeting with his people and talking about that                     person.
2.     If you miss someone because there has been a disagreement between you, check if there is any possibility of achieving an approach.
3.     If the sadness is due to something that you have not achieved and that you may not be able to achieve, analyze what you have failed and what you have learned from it.

—Heath News Network