Taxi driver tells how his thumb was cut when he intervened in defense of a passenger

By Miguel Cruz Tejada

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he livery taxi driver Richard de León from a base in Upper Manhattan, was attacked by two alleged gang members who were hitting one of three passengers that he was transporting in the Bronx, and one of them, cut his right thumb, which the driver believe, it was with a machete.

The two aggressors were arrested by the police two blocks from the scene. They were identified as Juan Carlos Sánchez and Kenneth Guzmán, both 17 years old.

The driver, with more than 20 years in the business, narrated that he was taking the women down Grand Concourse Avenue after 2:00 in the morning.

He stopped at 198 Street to wait for the change of traffic light, when two teenagers appeared, who looked intoxicated and approached the taxi to try to open one of the rear doors.

He said that when the assailants saw the women, one of them began to pull one of the passengers. The taxi driver left the unit and tried to stifle the attitude of the subject, but he insisted on going over the woman, struggling.

"The drunkard grabbed the girl by the neck," explained de León.

"They started to fight and all three went over the passengers, I got to grab him, one took what looked like a big knife and cut one of the girls," said the taxi driver.

"I held him so he wouldn’t continue attacking her, and when I got back to the car, he took out what looked like a machete and threw me to the head, I reached in to intercept the stab and that's when he took my finger," he said. Lion.

"I did not see the gun clearly, but according to it cut my entire finger, it would have been with a machete," the driver said, adding that because of the size of the weapon, the doctors and the police said it could have been with a machete.

"They wanted to ride drunk and there were women there, who are friends and clients of mine. I intervened like a good Samaritan and they had already stabbed one from behind, which required 14 stitches, "he added.

He recalled that before that incident, the assailants also broke into a warehouse in the area, where they attacked an employee and stabbed him.

"They were walking down Jerome Avenue, when the police found them and stopped them," de León added.

Although he has heard and seen many news of good Samaritans who have died and been injured for defending others, he did not think about that.

"They are three minors, I did defend them because in addition to be minors, they are women," explained de León.

He complained that the judge released two of the attackers with bonds of $ 2,000 to one and $ 200 to the other.

The taxi driver had never had problems in the streets. "It's the first attack for being a good Samaritan."

He said he feared for his life, but managed to get to the hospital bleeding from the mutilated finger.

He is afraid that he may be attacked again by the aggressors, due to they appeared to be adolescent gang members.