In Memory of Edward T. McGettigan, Jr.

By José R. Jaén

In an exclusive interview with Mrs. Cira Angeles, with over 25 years’ experience in auto insurance in the taxi industry in the city of New York, she expressed her personal feelings and business experiences with the late Mr. McGettigan, Jr.
She told us that he was a firm believer in God and a practicing faithful Catholic. Always was supporting causes for the reconstruction of Churches in the Dominican Republic and also in cases of natural disasters.
Personally I feel I have lost a great ally, a friend, a protector and a Dad, who called me "Kiddo" since the first time they met.  She remembers that first interview with Mr. McGettigan, she was nervous and at one point started crying; which he told her not to cry and to do things the right way and she would have a bright future in the industry, which she now appreciates the opportunity given at the time.
Mr. McGettigan had no children and she felt that he adopted her, he loved his nephews and always talked about his wife Catherine and his sisters.  He was a proud man of what he built and a man full of personal satisfactions.
During this exclusive, Mrs. Angeles said, when she started her radio project “La Hora del Conductor” she went with her producer at the time, the good friend Fernando Aquino, and presented the plan, and Mr. McGettigan sponsored it exclusively, for a year and a half.
In addition he promised to go to the radio show, every year in the month of February to discuss any progress in the insurance industry for taxi drivers in New York City.
After pausing for failing to contain her tears by the sadness of the death of her mentor, She told us that Mr. McGettigan, Jr. undertook the task to give a different view of what was his company, through various representatives and that’s why she thinks she has not only lost a great ally in business, but also a great friend, who showed his commitment, not only by talking but by taking action.
He established not only a commercial, but also a personal relationship with the insurance representatives of the taxi industry.
Finally Mrs. Angeles said that Mr. McGettigan, empowered them and made them raise the quality of their services, made us truly representatives of the insured, in this case taxi drivers, and that’s why his greatness.