Estela Mateo highlights the welcome of “SheTaxis SheRides”, recruiting women for the industry

By Miguel Cruz Tejada

The founder and president of the new service "SheRides, She Taxis" Estela Mateo, stressed the great reception given to the service offered only to women whose units are driven by females.
Mrs. Mateo explained that since the service was launched, support has been impressive and excellent.
CNBC said, conducted a recent survey of 14 users of that service and all respondents agreed in praising the quality of the service.
"The support of the people is one hundred percent, but so far we have a few lady drivers, and we need more women to apply to obtain their licenses and become part of the company," said Estela.
Explains that women do not need any special training. "The industry stays as it is, and the women who want to be part of our company must undergo the same process all taxi drivers".
The executive said previously, it was believed that women could not be part of the industry because they did not feel safe, for different reasons.
"They picked up strangers in the streets, collected  cash, which was part of the danger, but in this company, payment is collected through an application, so there is no danger of robbery, because women drivers never walk around with money, other than that, they never pick up on the streets no one or a passenger who they do not know, because the service requires the user to have to enter all their personal information in order to accept the customer, "said Mrs. Mateo.  So far, the company has 300 units, but there are more than 400 women in the process that have contacted the company and want to be part of the process.
"We are teaching them to fill out applications and how to address them before the TLC.
Also, give them help with a leasing company (rent and purchase of cars), so they can take ownership of their units and give them the option to purchase or lease the car by the time they decide, and give them several options on a package that comes with license plate, insurance and everything ready for them to get their cars and drive.".
Mateo reported that so far, the company only operates in New York City and Westchester County, because you cannot use the name of taxi, unless the cars are not green or yellow.
"So, is that the company is called She Rides NYC in the five boroughs and beyond counties and nationally, is called She Taxi" she explains.
She revealed that acceptance among women, has been amazing. "One of our drivers, when she heard about the project said hallelujah!, because I could work at night and feeling safer.
She clarified that it is not the first service of its kind in the world and before she opened her business in New York, it already existed in India, where for religious reasons, women cannot ride a man in a taxi, in addition to Europe.
"But in New York, we are the pioneers," she added.
Rates are adjusted to the price of the common market and is an average of between 70 to 80% that are given to the drivers of what is charged.
The service covers all areas, including tourist areas and airports.
The company has an office in Long Island, with the number 1 (718) 391-0199, maintaining a high traffic email and open the application.
The email is to which stakeholders can access also looking for any information about the company and the membership process, our website is
"This project does not discriminate and is objective is economically empower women, because most industries discriminate against older women, fat and sometimes even by race, but we accept them of any size, religion, race or size, "added Mrs. Mateo.
"This is a company where women can earn the same as men, for example in Uber, which is the same service that we are offering, taxi drivers can earn between $5,000 and $10,000 a month," she explains.
She spoke of the flexibility of the work schedule that allows to work as a taxi driver. "With a flexible schedule, she can work from 7-11 pm for example, while the husband is at home with the children. This is an incredibly flexible schedule, because they can work in the time they have available. "
About pregnant women, said women in pregnancy can driver their car without any problems. among the drivers, there is a 65 years old woman.
She recalled that it is important for applicants to work in the company, they need basic English because they must handle the application in English.
"We ask women to please join the project, because it is the best job opportunity they have right now in the city," concluded Mrs. Mateo.