TLC approves Reentry Rule for license renewal before the three years

By Miguel Cruz Tejada

On April 23, the Board of TLC voted to approve a new rule called "reentry" to allow drivers to reapply before the end of the revocation period of three years, if they can demonstrate that they have three or fewer points from the date of the request.
TLC also voted to allow reduction of rules and restrictions of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) stating that even if the Defensive Driving Course was taken after the agency citation, even if it goes back to the day of the final hearing, before the agency officials.
Organizations representing taxi drivers showed TLC over 100 cases of drivers permits that were revoked, during three years, not having any violations or points from the moment they began to drive taxis, to the revocation hearing at TLC.
Ninety percent of drivers who have lost their livelihoods have not incurred in non-dangerous violations, without committing speeding or red light infractions.
The new rules took effect on May 31, 2015.