The analyst Juan Carlos Polanco is running for Ombudsman and promises to fight for the industry

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he renowned Republican analyst, Dominican, from the debate segment of channel 41, Juan Carlos Polanco, is postulated as Ombudsman in the elections on Tuesday November 13 and promised that if elected, will fight in favor of the taxi industry, sector that considers critical and under permanent attack of the TLC and the authorities.

Polanco, who is the son of a livery taxi driver, said that although he has always been a member of the Republican Party, he has distanced himself from the more conservative sectors, including President Donald Trump.

He said that his father has also been unfair fines and that he calls the situation difficult for the taxi drivers in the city.

"There is a defender of the people, but she has never done anything to fight or to work for the benefit of the taxi industry," added Polanco.

The analyst, who is also a university professor, said that if he reaches the position, he will begin to push for a series of reforms, including the TLC, so that taxi drivers will be less sacrificed.

"My dad is a taxi driver, I grew up with a taxi driver, who is a man who worked hard for many years to send me to school and was a good man," added Polanco.

"Taxi drivers are very important in New York and their situation touches my heart a lot and the first one that would face the FTA for its abuses will be me," he said.

He said that taxi drivers put their lives at great risk and there is a history of attacks and murders of taxi drivers, "and no one goes out to defend them."

He criticized the fines of thousands of dollars with which the authorities penalize the drivers, saying that in it, his father is included, which affects him much to him.

"When a taxi driver is fined, there are many passengers who have to ride to pay for it," he said.

Polanco also focuses on the education of local students, remembering that teacher, knows perfectly that stage.

Defends charter schools, which he said, are still being attacked by sectors that oppose academic advancement and educational modernization.

Regarding his electoral possibilities, he said that, unfortunately, he does not have the necessary infrastructure, but he feels that he is receiving a high level of support from voters in different sectors.

"Many taxi drivers recognize me as the analyst of Univision channel 41 and we have people based who recognize my name and know that I do not support “irresponsibilities” and I have always fought against that," he added.

He said that especially among Dominican voters is being supported, "and that, is a great thing for a person like me to have that vote"


Polanco, who is also a lawyer, says his defense of President Trump and the Republicans will not affect the amount of votes he could get at the polls.

"Viewers know that Juan Carlos Polanco is a Republican, but New Yorker and Latino first and I did not support President Trump in his campaign because of the way he talked about Latinos, Dominicans, Muslims, women and almost all minority sectors" , explained.

Polanco, who was part of the campaign by Cuban Senator Marcos Rubio, said his party is the one that best represented the city, citing the achievements of Rudolph Giuliani's mayoral office in the 1990s.

"All the Republicans who have reached important positions in the state and the city, have been very successful," added Polanco.