Councilman Rodríguez promises to request review of bicycle spaces in streets of Upper Manhattan

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he Dominican councilor of the Democratic District 10 in Upper Manhattan and chairman of the Municipal Transportation Committee, Ydanis Rodriguez, promised neighborhood merchants to request a review on the spaces that have been used for the passage of bicycles and that according to the complaints, have narrowing the avenues, creating chaos, confusion and involuntary violation of traffic law.

Rodriguez, made the promise in a public scorn with the businessman, activist, sociologist and president of the Club Democrats for a change in the North of Manhattan, Jaime Vargas, with whom he supervised the block of the Saint Nicholas Avenue, between streets 174 and 175, one of those affected by the lines for cyclists.

But he rejected chaos, saying that in New York, even though most are believed to have vehicles, there are only 1,200 of the 8.5 car owners.

"This is a city where after what happened with the hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, snowstorms and what happens in the Caribbean with Irma and Maria, which is a disaster, here we have to do everything necessary to reduce pollution of the environment, "said Rodríguez, who assures his re-election in the November elections and aspires to the city council presidency in 2018.

"There will always be areas where we have to see that there is a city for everyone, that the streets are shared and that we have spaces for everyone," he said.

"The city has the responsibility to create better conditions for those who have a car, I am one of them, always having as a priority the pedestrians," said the councilman.

"We need to motivate the working class to use the bicycle again, what has happened in the last 20 years is that it's the rich who ride bicycles in Midtown, who work in financial corporations , in important positions, but we, like myself, that I was born in the hospital of Moca and my father only had a bicycle to go to work, but those who come from our countries, we believe that a car is a symbol of power, he explained.

"For this reason, in the Dominican Republic, the influential politician is a politician of four SUV, but here we want to create the conditions to work with all sectors, to support our merchants, but also to create better and attractive conditions for us to support the adults and their children, use the bicycle in our community, "insists the councilman.

He admitted that the bicycle line reduces space, saying that you have to analyze what is happening, "but everywhere you have put that line, there are always complaints, and businesses are moving forward or staying the same. What we have to do is adjust and listen to all sectors and that is why we are here, looking at the avenue Saint Nicholas and see in what areas can make some changes. "


Responding on behalf of the area's businessmen, Vargas, owner of a multi-service agency and brokerage for decades in the avenue, said that already in the high part, there are avenues that already had the lines.

"This is a situation, in which by the line of the bicycle, have closed two lanes. Right now there are three cars parked in the line of cyclists and a truck in the middle of the street and although the city grabs the parking ticket, it does not take away the infraction for being in the space of the bicycle, "explained Vargas.

"Therefore, the driver is forced to park in the middle of the street, the fine is $ 125 dollars, in front of him, others will come, chaos will continue and accidents will be caused," said the businessman.

"Those accidents will eventually be the fault of those who do not oppose this situation, because there are no areas of discharges, where they can stop deliveries," said Vargas.

Rodriguez agreed with the Download Zone, approved by the Community Board, "but they overcame him."

The businessman said he was sure that the mayor and other officials would agree with the download zone.