Vegas cab driver helps father get daughter to safety during mass shooting

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 Las Vegas cab driver is being called a hero for what he did the night of the mass shooting.

Knowing there was an active shooting going on, John Zerquera-Jimenez drove into harm’s way to help a desperate father find his daughter.

Then he went back and did it again.

Father: “Hurry up there’s a shooting going on there.” Zerquera-Jimenez: “Somebody’s shooting?”Father: “Yes, get me there as fast as you can, my daughter is calling me.”

It was a father’s frantic plea to a complete stranger: drive toward the danger.

Zerquera-Jimenez stepped on the gas, on board with the mission to help the man find his daughter.

Father: “Hey, listen, they don’t know where these shooters are. I don’t want to get you. I don’t want to get you ***** up. You’re driving on your own.”

His face was unfazed by his petrified passenger. Meanwhile video from another cab picks up the unrelenting sound of bullets pouring from the sky.

Eleven agonizing minutes later, they find Ashley, along with five other girls trying to escape.

Father on the phone: “You see it? Yeah, hurry up, get in, that’s us. Get in, Ashley get in, everybody get (bleep) in.”

“I say, ‘Jump to the car! If you want to stay alive, jump to the car,’” Zerquera-Jimenez said.

The girls frantically pile on top of each other.

Daughter: “They were shooting everywhere, just get us away from the Strip.”

That, he did.

Zerquera-Jimenez transported another five people to safety that night.

After the chaos, he received the following text message:

“Thank you so much for being so brave to come toward to the shooting to rescue us. You are a hero and my family and I will always be grateful for your bravery that night.”

Zerquera-Jimenez says he just did the right thing.

“I feel in peace and glad for 11 people that are still alive, but I’m so sad for the other (58) people die, the other (58) families they lose their loved ones,” he said.