Son of Dominican taxi driver run by driver in Brooklyn asks for capture and demands justice

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ulio Sánchez, son of the Dominican taxi driver Bienvenido Sánchez, who was hit a few days ago when crossing a street in Brooklyn, by a driver who sent him flying in the air and escaped from the scene, without running, asked the police to speed up the capture responsible or that is delivered, so that justice is done.

Sanchez, 71, was in intensive care at a hospital in the city.

The overcrowded Dominican taxi driver, who has worked at Brooklyn Radio Dispatcher for more than ten years, has been living in New York for decades.

Julio said that his father went to breakfast every morning in the business he left, when the fugitive driver hit him.

"He has a broken leg, four fractured ribs, a chest bone and a head wound," the son added.

The fugitive driver left the car about a mile from the scene, which was recovered by the police, but fled the area and is still being chased.

The son said that his father was preparing the Christmas trip to the Dominican Republic, to meet his wife.

"That is delivered, that is delivered, which is the most fair way for that driver to handle their situation," he asked.

"The correct thing would be to stop, assist him and call 911," he added.

Police said he is still in search of the driver who ran over the taxi driver, who will face criminal charges.