Uber and for-hire car companies unite to fight TLC wheelchair plan

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here is nothing like regulation to unite rivals Uber and the livery cab drivers.

Uber and car service app companies teamed up with black and livery car companies Thursday to fight a proposed mandate from the Taxi & Limousine Commission. The agency wants 25% of their trips be made in wheelchair-accessible cars by 2021.

The app companies and livery cab and limo businesses have come up with their own solution. They want to pool their resources and create one central dispatching service, that would farm out wheelchair accessible calls to any driver who can accommodate the rider — whether it be Uber or a cab company.

Advocates for people with disabilities back the TLC’s efforts.

“This is not a new fight for us,” said Jim Weisman, president of the United Spinal Association. “It’s a new fight for the (for-hire car companies) and Ubers to be together in a room agreeing. We’ll see how long it lasts, if they get their way.” 

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